Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Long time no post, but there isn't anywhere else I can put this because of the last sentence, which really says it all. We're All Apocalyptic Now Robert Jensen: "The claim that people are inherently greedy and self-interested is true enough, but we are also inherently bent toward compassion and cooperation. The question is which of those is dominant? If you create a system that rewards people for being greedy and self-interested, people will act in greedy and self-interested ways, but to claim that that's what human nature is, is an intellectually vapid argument." That's gotta be the Phrase of the Day: Intellectually Vapid.
The other aspect is that we have basically conflicting systems in America: we have a system of Corporate-controlled government which rewards greed and self-interest, but many systems of belief that emphasize cooperation and compassion. It is this conflict that is at the heart of our political stress, and it is fundamentally a conflict between those with resources to DO cooperative and compassionate things, and those who NEED cooperation and compassion. The solutions being presented are all about accumulating resources for greed and self-interest, then re-distributing those resources in token gestures of compassion. Better to stop the accumulation and denial of resources at the start, leaving people with the ability to act in their own compassionate self-interest locally. In other words, stop trying to get rich and start trying to live. Getting Rich isn't making a living: it's making a killing.

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