Friday, May 31, 2013

Consciousness and humans

I've been having a long discussion with a friend who is convinced that there is such a thing as a non-logical conscious state. There have been a lot of other forays into that territory over the ages, such as transcendentalism, glossolalia, OOBE (out of body experience), etc.
I submit that these are simply the same phenomena as dreams are: random image associations within the human brain that are later remembered (even if only milliseconds later) as real experiences. The telltale that comes to my mind is that people don't have any externalized method of communicating such experiences other than the symbology of language (logical behavior put together by the neurosystem). In other words, the only means we have of knowing about those experiences is through some logical consciousness that assembles and describes them: a consciousness known to be full of holes and emotional and random connections that only exist sans physical reality.
The human mind is already overblown from its basic logic-function state, let's not clutter the world with wishes and dreams as though they are separate from that state.
It's like trying to suggest that Windows would run on clouds.

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