Monday, June 18, 2012

Lately it occurs to me, what a long strange trip we make it. I bought a Grateful Dead CD the other day to see what I've been missing for some 40 years (other than "Truckin'" which has played endlessly). I can only say I wasn't missing anything except maybe the dope smokin' hotties that thought they were deep and stimulating. I'll take Metal ballads any day over that. Anyway, that was a side-trip from the point of this post. It occurred to me that I hadn't posted anything, and my 2 followers might be wondering what's up. The usual. Family, farm, fixing, futzing with the world's views on things. Since my last posts, I have come up with as concise a definition of homo sapiens as I can muster. Homo sapiens: mammalian life form whose growth phase is occupied with developing an imaginary model of the universe and storing that model in working memory. Upon physical maturity, the human id transfers itself into the model and spends the rest of its life avoiding the real universe at all costs. This explains an awful lot about relationships and politics and civil wars. The reason people can't understand each other is because they all live in a different universe. Some people create Systems to make their children develop similar models (religion, education, culture, etc), but the lack of realization of the functionality of these methods leads to ill-formed ideas about why people in different systems cannot be part of the "Right" systems. In other words, we spend our lives isolating ourselves from reality and then calling our isolated world "reality", but we want everyone else to move into OUR reality, rather than acknowledging that they (right or wrong) have to deal with THEIR reality foremost. Men don't have to be from Mars for Women to not understand them. They only have to be people (and vice versa). We cannot force our children into our model, either. They have to build their own model. Perhaps the trick is to realize that that's what they are doing, and to not screw it up by cutting them off from actual reality too soon. Hopefully, we have something to show them as a good example (if not ourselves, then we try to find someone else).

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