Friday, October 22, 2010

Total Perspective Vortex

My friend James and I have an ongoing discourse about logic, belief, time, and meaning, as well as how the actual universe can be sensed, remembered, interpreted and lived in without being sold an Intentionality bill of goods. I decided to draw this instead of explaining it.
Put yourself in the stick figures and imagine what you see as you look back at history and forward to the future.
How does it fit your perspective?
(N.F.U. is "net future usefulness", and this is drawn as a linear diagram, but the second half is really an all space filling 360° of possible random events. The point is that we SEE our past as a linear progression from a point, even though there were infinite possible directions for the line to follow at any time, as there are going into the future.) You may notice two things: it was done in a hurry, and I am not an artist.

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